This NY Super says he does not care.



Thank you Dr. Hynes and all like you, for all you do to restore love of learning for our children, and joy of teaching to our teachers.

This year we parents make a pledge to end this abuse.

We are parents. We are all they have. The usdoe and nysed have abandoned our babies.

We are parents.

We will not:
Allow tears at the homework table.

Be forced to reteach what students cannot learn because the lessons are age inappropriate.

Allow our children to sit through a year of test prep and many hours of testing used to fire teachers and data mine.

Ask our students to give up their extra curricular activities to learn age inappropriate material they could not absorb in their normal school week.

Allow our children to be unpaid child labor.

No more. NO MORE.

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Higher standards and college and career readiness for disabled students.



These are the faces of the guys who are now taking away alternate assessments for disabled children. College and career readiness comes first, don’tya know. Children who have already been struggling with everyday tasks are being told if they just try harder, they too can be ready for a career at age 6.

Where is the outrage?


Do you ever feel like you’re waking each day to see what the evil villain will come up with next to hurt your child?

Heads up. More pain for special needs students ahead.

This is what Sen. Alexander pushed for.

NEW regulations under ESEA effective September 21, 2015 – States are no longer authorized to define modified academic achievement standards and develop alternate assessments based on those modified academic achievement standards for eligible students with disabilities.

Every day we say enough is enough. And the hits keep coming.

Be sure to bring…

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Noteworthy: No Federal Sanctions for New York Opt-out.


In July 2015, both House and Senate passed versions of the proposed reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA). The current version of ESEA– eight years overdue for reauthorization– is the defunct No Child Left Behind of 2001 (NCLB). The proposed ESEA revision from the House, the Student Success Act (SSA), includes a blanket provision for parents to opt their children out of the annual tests that remain a part of SSA.

The proposed ESEA revision from the Senate, the Every Child Achieves Act of 2015 (ECAA), includes language that allows for states to set their own opt-out policies regarding the annual testing that remains a part of ECAA. In fact, the language implies, “Don’t blame the federal government for state opt-out policy.”

In reporting on SSA, ECAA, and opting out of federally-mandated annual testing, I have heard from individuals who are concerned that if it were…

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Wanted… A Few More Sheepdogs

IGNITE! ... Fire is Catching

My Husband Sent this to me Recently:

I read the other day that 95% of humans are equal to sheep… they just follow the rest of the herd.  Around 1% are wolves… predators, people outside the norm of society. Then there are the other 4%, the Sheepdogs… the ones that protect the sheep from the wolves and lead them in the right direction.

Thank you for being a Sheepdog! I know how frustrated you get with the sheep, but thanks for being a loyal protector of them and herding them in the right direction…


I never thought about myself as a Sheepdog.  I thought I was one of the sheep, looking around at all the other sheep, popping my head up once in awhile and saying, “Hey, something is not right here!”

Stand Up 2The massive, fluffy herd continued to head in the direction the superiors told them too.

I continued my travel along with the crowd.  Something hit…

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A teacher shares his words to the New York Times.



A teacher shares his submission to
the NY Times, on what he calls their “poorly written and researched editorial which shows they have no clue about the purpose of the Opt Out Movement, among other things in education.”

He writes:

“I’m a Teacher, and as such, must respond to today’s editorial in the Times, “Opting Out of Standardized Tests Isn’t the Answer.” In this era of high stakes testing, anyone taking a position against these tests could be subject to dire consequences.
The Times Editorial Board has much to learn about testing and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), both of which are lauded in the editorial. The Times falsely claims that annual testing, especially in grades 3-8, “could damage educational reform.” Further, the Times also provides a misleading statement about the effect of this parental boycott on CCSS, stating “The standards offer the best hope for holding school districts…

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Elia is both a bully and unethical.



Are you furious yet? The shuffling around of the worst education reps all over the country has got to be a joke. They are shunned within their own states so they get promotions in another.

Now, Gov Cuomo says there is no punishment for test refusals. (See here : And,

Yet just days before, Elia says otherwise. #whoisdrivingthisclowncar

This gets more absurd by the day. How does Elia fathom it’s ethical to punish districts for the actions of parents that are beyond their control? How does she sleep at night attempting to punish schools and parents for exercising their rights to protect their own children? Unethical in Florida, unethical in New York.

So she doesn’t like the fact that parents won’t allow the abusing of our children in order to aid in the firing of teachers?

Teacher Gail DeBonis posted the following to…

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Why Corporate School Reform will Eventually Fail

Creative by Nature

collaborative learning

The bottom line is this, you cannot get professionalism, compassion and commitment from teachers when you treat them like Starbucks employees. The corporate model of school reform, with it’s focus on charter schools, high-stakes testing and Common Core standards, ignores the reason the best teachers went into the profession in the first place.

What the profiteers also ignore (and don’t want anyone to know) is that the model they are selling with charter schools is an imitation of successful innovations first developed in America’s public schools. Since the 1960s, educational researchers across the nation have been collaborating with teachers, working to develop more effective learner-centered forms of education.

Yale University psychiatrist and educator Dr. James Comer’s School Development Program and similar learner-centered whole school projects developed successful approaches decades ago and were proving their effectiveness in the 1990s when business people saw an opportunity to make some money. From 1989 to 1993 I worked with one of those innovative programs…

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