Elia is both a bully and unethical.



Are you furious yet? The shuffling around of the worst education reps all over the country has got to be a joke. They are shunned within their own states so they get promotions in another.

Now, Gov Cuomo says there is no punishment for test refusals. (See here : http://www.nystateofpolitics.com/2015/08/cuomo-schools-shouldnt-be-penalized-for-test-opt-outs/. And,

Yet just days before, Elia says otherwise. #whoisdrivingthisclowncar


This gets more absurd by the day. How does Elia fathom it’s ethical to punish districts for the actions of parents that are beyond their control? How does she sleep at night attempting to punish schools and parents for exercising their rights to protect their own children? Unethical in Florida, unethical in New York.



So she doesn’t like the fact that parents won’t allow the abusing of our children in order to aid in the firing of teachers?


Teacher Gail DeBonis posted the following to…

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