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Opt Out CNY

2016OptOutIt’s the middle of August and hard to ignore the impending flip of the calendar to September.  Though most stores are peddling pumpkin flavored everything and some already have winter coats on display, a few of us are still doing our back to school shopping and holding on to flip-flops and beach towels for as long as we can.  While I urge you to squeeze in every last ounce of summer fun with your kids, there is one item on the back to school list that is of utmost importance and can easily be taken care of now: your 2016 refusal letter.

The passage of the Education Labor and Family Assistance Bill of 2015 (S.2006-B / A.3006-B) on April 1, 2015 changed the landscape of test refusal by increasing the stakes attached to tests and spreading the test and punish reform agenda more blatantly throughout the grade levels.  With every teacher now facing…

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