Clinton won an endorsement, but Weingarten lost a union.


If you are one of the million plus teachers that were never asked which candidate to endorse for president, you are not alone.

American Federation of Teachers has 1.6 million members and has polled a scant 1150. With this minute poll, they have gone public with a presidential candidate endorsement, over a year before any election.

Their members are furious and demanding a withdrawal of their alleged endorsement of a candidate they were never consulted about.
This is NOT a statistically fair poll.

Gadly on the wall blog states:

“I have nothing against Hillary Clinton.

Heck! I might even vote for her in the coming Presidential race. Maybe…

But the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) endorsement of the former First Lady is strange in many ways.

First, it’s awfully early. The initial Democratic primaries aren’t scheduled for half a year yet – February of 2015 to be exact. And…

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