Depriving Young Children of Play Costs Us in the Long Run

Schools of Thought Hudson Valley, NY

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For many parents, schools that offer full day Kindergarten programs is a blessing. Particularly for working parents. Kindergarten provides children with an opportunity to learn at an early age. This is always a good thing, right?

I noticed a great change between the Kindergarten of today and yester years. My oldest son is in college. He attended a full day K program circa approx 1998. It was wonderful experience for him. He came home  daily in a great mood and learned alot. But, I recall that they also played alot as well.

My youngest, 7, started Kindergarten last year he is now in first grade. Of course, instruction is now aligned to Common Core and my youngest son is tested frequently often on the computer. Every 2 – 3 weeks the children have a unit test in fill in bubble format for math as test prep. They take computerized tests…

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