Great Quote!

“31% of NYS students passed the state tests.
The storm is here and is exactly as bad as they said it would be. They created the storm Did we expect any different? To place the blame anywhere besides these tests will get us nowhere. 

Our job is to pick up the pieces they just shattered. We are the only proactive solution to the problems we are now faced with. Along with a note that claims these kids are failures, will be a another note showing they are not on track for college or a career. Put green laces on your kids, get your others to do the same. Empower them to know they are more than a test score. Their teachers, relatives and community will wear laces to show they support them. 

Now is not the time to drag kids into this battle. It is also not the time to start the usual “how do we get these scores up”as it will only highlight the students’ failure. We started Lace to the Top to support our kids. We start with a discussion about what is right in our schools, what are our strengths, what is the best way for our school and community to operate… We don’t answer to a test. We answer to the well-being and future of our kids!” Kevin Glynn – Lace to the Top


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