Shared responsibility: a concept school reformers choose to ignore

Excellent food for thought!


The best orthopedic surgeon in the country performs a knee replacement, but the patient fails to complete his prescribed physical therapy and the knee doesn’t heal properly.  Is the bum knee the surgeon’s fault?

A master violinist gives a pupil violin lessons, but the pupil refuses to practice and does not care to learn how to play the violin. Is the pupil’s failure to excel at the instrument the master violinist’s fault?

An expert carpenter builds a beautiful deck, but its owners neglect to seal it regularly and take care of it. Is the run-down deck that results the expert carpenter’s fault?

A skilled dentist cleans a person’s teeth, but the person refuses to brush and floss. Are the person’s dirty teeth the dentist’s fault?

A top-rated cleaning company cleans a person’s house from top to bottom, but the homeowner continues to leave trash everywhere. Is the dirty house the…

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