Diane Ravitch is a BAT!

I need to begin this with the reminder that these opinions are MY OWN.

Some of you may have noticed my BATs memes. It’s a group called Badass Teachers Association. They have a Facebook page, Twitter account and now a website badassteacher.org. Some of you may be put off by the name but before you dismiss it, please read what the group is about. This group is about taking action-phone calls, letters, petitions,etc. I have already called the White House twice-once to replace Arne Duncan and the other time to Save Philadelphia Schools. I have signed petitions and written letters.

This group is nationwide. There are teachers and administrators from all over the country working for one cause-Save Public Education from Corporate Takeover. We need legislators and the public to understand what we do, we need funding, we need respect for the profession. Power in numbers! If several states push back, someone has to listen.

Diane Ravitch has recently become a BAT. Here is her endorsement of the BATs.



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