Please Support Musicians in Albany Public Schools

Today,  I was waiting for son’s oboe lesson to finish and talking about Common Core and APPR with another mother, when a young cellist asked me if I lived in Albany City. I said no and he asked, “Did you hear that they are cutting music teachers?” The other parent is an Albany City resident and shared that they did not know this cut would happen when the budget was proposed. There are procedural things that happen after the budget passes and unfortunately music positions are being cut.

This young cellist told me that at the next Board of Education meeting, there is going to be public comment about the music cuts and was hoping there would be community support. He is going to be one of the speakers.

The meeting is Thursday, June 20 at 7pm at TOAST Academy Lincoln Park. If you live in Albany City, please try to attend. I am going even though I don’t live there. We need to support each other in these tough times.


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